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Are you a booksigning junkie?

There’s a wonderfully funny confessional article by Emily Grosvenor in the Publishers Weekly today. If the following snippet sounds familiar…then check out the full article!

I am a compulsive author-reading attendee, an obsessive reader and fan. People like me are the reason publishers send authors on book tours. Writers are my celebrities. I track news of them like other people follow Angelina Jolie. I sign up for e-mail alerts to keep abreast of their book tours. And when the writers I read go on tour, I am there.

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‘All Things Considered’ signed by Paul Roche

This signed first edition hardback of All Things Considered by the poet Paul Roche was published by Gerald Duckworth & Co. Ltd. in 1966.

The dust jacket features a portrait of Roche by Bloomsbury artist Duncan Grant – a full account of their relationship and Roche’s life and work as a poet, classical scholar, novelist and translator of Aeschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, Sappho and Plautus, can be found in his Times Online obituary published in November 2007.

Signed first edition by Paul Roche
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Andy Summers signing ‘I’ll Be Watching You: Inside the Police 1980-83’

Andy Summers has been busy signing copies of his new book of photographs – I’ll Be Watching You: Inside the Police 1980-83 – for huge crowds of fans.

The nearly 400-page book is a photo-diary covering the heyday of the Police.

He’s shown here signing for a fan in Los Angeles.

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1962 Corgi Paperback Movie Tie-in Edition of ‘Lolita’ by Vladamir Nabokov

I recently visited a wonderful Stanley Kubrick exhibition in Rome and was reminded of a small piece of my own original Kubrick memorabilia, this 1962 movie tie-in paperback edition of one of my absolute favourite novels – Vladamir Nabokov‘s Lolita. First reissued by Corgi in 1961, this is the fourth 1962 reprint and although hardly a rare item, is nevertheless an interesting piece of both film and book memorabilia.

Lolita-Corgi paperback -1962 :: Vladamir Nabokov 'Lolita' – Corgi Paperback - Back cover

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Signed by author…long distance!

There’s a fascinating article in the New York Times on line edition this morning about a revolutionary device which may turn the collection of signed books on its head! It talks about a device called LongPen which Margaret Atwood, the Canadian novelist, devised in 2004 so that she could sign books with a touchpad in her home, which in turn conveyed her handwriting to an autopen in a distant bookstore. You can read the full story by following the link below…

A Book Signing With the Author a World Away
Published: December 17, 2007
With his recent conviction and sentencing, the media baron and author Conrad M. Black has turned to a device called the LongPen to help him hold book signings from afar.

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Lewis Hamilton signing copies of My Story

Lewis Hamilton at work

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A great shot of Formula 1 motor racing so-very-nearly champion Lewis Hamilton signing copies of his autobiography – imaginatively entitled My Story.

Hamilton is obviously still a very young man – he was only born in 1985 – so we can expect further volumes in the the future!

Rules have been strict at his recent book signing events with an insistence on all copies being specifically dedicated.

Photographer Steve Chilton says: At this stage the queue of people waiting to see him covers most of the floor space on the first-floor of The Howard centre. He is using the first of several pens required to complete the task.

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Vanessa Bell Dust Jacket for ‘A Haunted House’ by Virginia Woolf

Some of my favourite historic book jackets are those designed by Vanessa Bell for the Hogarth Press, and in particular, for the books written by her sister, Virginia Woolf. Vanessa Bell, together with her husband Clive Bell, painter Duncan Grant as well as Virginia and Leonard Woolf, belonged to the group of artists and writers known as the Bloomsbury Group, although she has achieved a certain measure of independent success as attested by her paintings which hang in the Tate Britain Gallery. Recent cinema goers may remember Miranda Richardson’s excellent portrayal of her in The Hours, opposite Nicole Kidman’s Virginia Woolf, an Oscar-clinching performance in the category of Best Actress Wearing a False Nose.

A Haunted House

This dust jacket from A Haunted House, a posthumously published collection of short stories by Virginia Woolf, is from a 1943 first edition in War Economy Standard (using cheaper paper etc. to save the country’s resources) and includes a fascinating back inner flap advertising the BBC radio broadcasts which transmitted news bulletins and Morse coded news across Europe during the Second World War.

Britain Calls the World

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Collecting Ex-Libris Bookplates

Ex-Libris Bookplate

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There’s an increasingly popular field of specialization in book collection – collecting books because of the ex-libris bookplates found pasted inside them. I’ve just launched a new Website dedicated exclusively to this area – The Ex-Libris and Bookplate Store

This particular bookplate looks very much like a Rockwell Kent design however I’m not certain…if anybody has any further thoughts or any ideas as to the identity of David Adams, please do leave a comment below. The ex-libris is pasted into a 1931 First American Edition of The Waves by Virginia Woolf, published by Harcourt, Brace and Company.

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Borat on book signing tour of U.S. and A.!


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Borat Sagdiyev (aka British actor and comedian Sacha Baron Cohen) is currently touring ‘the U.S. and A’ (as Borat would say) signing copies of his book “Touristic Guidings to Minor Nation of U.S. and A. and Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.”

This is a great shot of him at Borders in Los Angeles, California.

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