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Nicholas Sparks book signing in home town

Nicholas Sparks was back in his home town of New Bern yesterday to sign copies of his latest novel The Lucky One for quite literally thousands of admirers who queued for hours to meet him.

Several thousand people – from near and far, young and old, men and women, some blind, others carrying children – lined up through the mall for the annual signing. Many took lawn chairs, sitting in them until the line moved, then toting them several feet to wait again. Two blind women in different parts of the line waited beside guide dogs.

By noon, the line stretched from Waldenbooks at the east end of the mall to the middle of the mall and out the front entrance near Annabelle’s. Some of the people had driven from Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond and other cities for the signing.

Source: ENC Today

Nicholas Sparks

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Is book signing just plain weird?

If you’re a passionate collector of books signed by the author you may be interested in this piece in the Independent, UK which takes a sympathetic look at the “book signing chore” that modern publishing demands of popular authors.

Excessive success, however, can also be a burden. There’s a shocking story about Stephen King signing books in a Seattle shop. He signed for hours until his shoulder ached and a publicist had to apply an ice-pack. Then his fingers dried up; they cracked and began to bleed, and he asked for a bandage. Hearing this, a fan in the queue demanded to have some authentic Stephen King blood on his book. Others joined in and he signed in his own blood for hours.

Signing off: the weird world of book signings
By John Walsh
Independent, Thursday, 21 August 2008

Salman Rushdie joins booksigning record breakers!

What is it with these male authors? After Ken Follett and Malcolm Gluck, now Salman Rushdie weighs into the fray with a new book signing record claim!

Paper Cuts: Rushdie: ‘His Record Is Toast’
By Dwight Garner
Published: July 18, 2008
Who knew Salman Rushdie was a book-signing machine? The Guardian reports: Novelist Salman Rushdie yesterday claimed to have broken wine writer Malcolm Gluck’s record for book signings after adding his full name to 1,000 books on a tour to promote his latest novel. “His record is toast,” Rushdie crowed, in a letter to the Guardian. Gluck started the
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Ken Follett signs 2,050 books in three and a half hours!

According to Spanish news reports British thriller-writer Ken Follett has just beaten his own record of 1,600 books signed in one session with a new staggering record of 2,050 works signed in just three and a half hours at Madrid’s book fair. His latest novel Un mundo sin fin (World Without End) has sold 1.5 million copies in Spain alone.
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Jamie Lee Curtis – Is There Really a Human Race?

Jamie Lee Curtis signing her book

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Great shot of Jamie Lee Curtis signing copies of her seventh book Is There Really a Human Race?

Famous for her appearance in classic horror movies like Halloween, lately she has been concentrating on writing children’s books with illustrations by Laura Cornell.

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Rowling’s hand-written Harry Potter prequel!

The news that J K Rowling has penned a hand-written prequel to the Harry Potter series has sparked a flurry of excitement all over the world! The 800 word storycard, signed by the author, is to be auctioned alongside works by other famous writers to raise cash for a dyslexia charity, closes with the words From the prequel I am not working on – but that was fun!

Source: CNN
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Garrison Keillor book signings and performances

Garrison Keillor, creator and host of A Prairie Home Companion, has been drawing the crowds at book signings. There’s an enjoyable piece in The Muskegon Chronicle about his recent visit to Montague.

“I never thought I’d get to see him here. I’m a huge Garrison Keillor fan,” said Tracy Host of Muskegon, cradling a book or two for him to sign.

Fans came with books, photographs, poems, DVDs of his 2006 hit movie, “A Prairie Home Companion,” even an album from the 1970s for Keillor to sign.

Seven-year-old Katie Allyn, a second-grader from Montague, brought her “autograph dog” for the famous guy to sign next to her friends’ autographs from school.

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‘Black Water’ signed by Joyce Carol Oates

I’m a huge fan of Joyce Carol Oates and this signed first edition copy of the Pulitzer Prize nominated novella Black Water is a real prize. One of the most prolific writers working in the States today, Oates is not only a novelist, but has also published numerous collections of short stories, as well as many other novellas, plays, poetry and literary criticism. This edition is the UK hardback, first published by Macmillan London Ltd in 1992 and is signed by the author in the only space available on the first printed page of the book.

Signed by Joyce Carol Oates

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‘Life in Cold Blood’ signed by Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough – voted Britain’s Greatest Living Icon in 2007 – has been touring the UK signing copies of his latest book Life in Cold Blood

At the Natural History Museum in London queues of hundreds of admirers formed around the diplodocus in the Central Hall.

Life in Cold Blood accompanies the BBC television series currently being shown which explores the fascinating lives of cold blooded species – reptiles and amphibians.

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